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Oct 2016
Mike Mundy
Oct 19 2016 15:58
Did the devel branch get behind the master branch again? Trying to do a merge and got conflicts in scripts/,, cobra/VERSION, README.rst and INSTALL.rst. Looks like the version number in devel branch is still 0.4.2b7
Peter St. John
Oct 19 2016 23:08
To be honest I’m totally confused when it comes to cobra’s CI :smile:. Is it just me or did it used to be a lot more straightforward? Do you think we could get a quick documentation file that goes over the process (at least once it stabilizes...)? Are we currently pushing to pypi on a new tag? We seem to be using something like multibuild, but its not set up in a wheel-only repo like his examples.
Christian Diener
Oct 19 2016 23:36
Versions for the package are auto-generated from the tag I think. Only new versions get pushed to pypi via twine. So yes, as I understand, each new tag pushes to pypi.