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Feb 2017
Henning Redestig
Feb 08 2017 13:34
alright, let's for now then continue the backwards compatibility topic as previous -- when implementing a feature, attempt to keep backwards compatibility, but, if this turns out to slow down progress to a significant level, we are free to make breaking changes. Old solvers stick around for now but the same goes there, if they actually turn out to be in the way, we can also go ahead and remove. If any need for a discussion then let's just quickly organise an online meeting again.
Christian Diener
Feb 08 2017 18:35
Does optlang have a method to check whether an interface supports QP problems. Currently using hasattr(model.solver.configuration, "qp_method") but I'm not sure whether that only works with cplex (which is the only solver in optlang supporting QPPs)...