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Mar 2017
Nikolaus Sonnenschein
Mar 15 2017 11:36
I advertised the new release using our project's twitter handle since I guess it funded some of the work hope that is ok with everyone and that it might give it a broader exposure. Alternatively, we could have a cobrapy twitter handle for the future?
Christian Diener
Mar 15 2017 17:45
Thanks for that :bow: I think @pstjohn should be mentioned before me due to the order of "antiquity" (referring to time contributing to cobrapy of course :sweat_smile: )
Peter St. John
Mar 15 2017 21:13
Lol, I dont think anyone looks at authorship on a tweet :smile: . But you’ve got me beat on the contributions
apparently I’ve deleted 5x more code than i’ve added though… odd
Christian Diener
Mar 15 2017 22:39
Yeah, the contribution metrics are a bit odd. I think the deletions are due to getting rid of oven :smile: