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Jul 2017
Jul 02 2017 00:34
I ama very basic COBRApy user, so these questions may seem rather basic or uninteresting to most of you:
-what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a toolbox-based tool like COBRApy over a standalone tool like Optflux (DOI: 10.1186/1752-0509-4-45; ?
-Also, are there any differences between these two tools (obviously other than the fact that one is a standalone while the other is a toolbox-based tool)? For example, if I simulate deletion of gene X in both tools, will I get any differences in terms of the resulting flux values across the two tools?
-Do you reckon it is maybe worth playing around with Optflux a bit more and understand all the associated metabolic modelling concepts before delving into programming with COBRApy?