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Sep 2017
Moritz E. Beber
Sep 13 2017 07:39
@cdiener I unpinned pypandoc in the latest merged PR that seems to have fixed the AppVeyor issue.
Peter St. John
Sep 13 2017 14:41
Does anyone else here find themselves writing { r.reaction for r in model.metabolites.my_met.reactions} all the time? I'll often want to see the reactions a particular metabolite is involved in, but there isn't a good repr method to print those out. Not sure if anyone else would find something like that useful.
Christian Diener
Sep 13 2017 17:07
@Midnighter thanks!
Moritz E. Beber
Sep 13 2017 19:58
I have a couple of functions with better representations for reactions and metabolites that I use all over the place. I'll make an issue and we can decide which ones we'd like to see in cobrapy.