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Jan 2018
Matthias K├Ânig
Jan 10 2018 08:13
@cdiener and @Midnighter sounds very good to me. I like the warnings a lot which notify the user that something strange is going on in the mode. I agree the reversibility and flux bounds should be secondary, but definitely in agreement with the SBO.
Jan 10 2018 20:52
hi all
Does cobrapy support geometric FBA?
(geometricFBA in MATLAB's version of the package)
Please reply with @cossio so that I get notified, thanks
Christian Diener
Jan 10 2018 22:01
@cossio currently not. However, it should be pretty easy to implement it in its own package. The actual linear problems don't look too complicated. The major idea is that cobrapy implements only the most common algorithms and everything else usually is its own package building on top of cobrapy. For instance like all the one at .