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Repo info
    Andy Halterman
    Hey John hey!
    John Beieler
    it me
    Just FYSA, @ahalterman, I can’t get your fork/PETR2 branch of hypnos to work.
    I don’t know if I’m doing a dumb or what.
    Andy Halterman
    You aren't, I don't think it's working. I put it on hold when we started working on this: https://github.com/oudalab/biryani/tree/1.0-phani
    Stephan De Spiegeleire
    Nout sure whether anybody is still here - but what would you now recommend to people who want to run Petrarch2 on their own computers - ElDiablo, the Hypnos option or this Biryani one? Thanks!
    Hello. I have a question. I used a few regexes to get an xml document formatted like the example in the PETRARCH2 readme but it still isnt coding any events. Are there any text filters written for Petrarch currently?
    Samrat Saha
    Hello i am looking to extract political events from indian context i want to use petrarch2 but it uses stanford corenlp which is of commercial licence. I was wondering is there a piece of code which use other open source like spacy etc which can generate the petrarch xml format like corenlp