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Nov 2015
Joshua Granick
Nov 24 2015 18:55
An error like that with Neko might mean a bad install on El Capitan?
@charlie-says I have not tried with Haxe, I use Sublime or FlashDevelop (depending on the operating system). Does anyone have auto-complete working?
Nov 24 2015 19:36
thanks @jgranick I actually got it working. It was partially a set-up issue, I think I'd forgotten to install Lime, and then another package needed updating. Once I'd remedied that all of a sudden the linting & auto-complete came alive. isn't quite as solid as FlashDevelop (yet), but it's really quite nice to use :)
Joshua Granick
Nov 24 2015 23:42
Great! We'll maybe I'll have to check it out :)