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Alyssa Smith
turned out i needed arm not arm64 but it was only another half an hour or so to rebuild with the right architecture
Alyssa Smith
look, idk if anyone actually involved with opengapps is here, but sourceforge is not an acceptable hosting platform. they used to be, sure. but they've scrapped all of their package mirrors around the world and now everyone's downloading from one place, and that server gets hugely overloaded
there's a thousand other options for hosting things. heck just make torrents for everything
and you absolutely don't need daily builds! build on each commit, maybe you'd have less trouble finding hosts nvm upstream packages have commits i didn't see
Alyssa Smith
https://github.com/alyssadev/opengapps-build made a cloud-init script and a digitalocean doctl wrapper that builds opengapps and downloads your build, might cost a couple cents at most per build for a user
Having trouble installing OpenGApps on nightly build of walleye: Sideload of OpenGApps on latest TWRP results in bootloop. Which additional diagnostics could I use to pin down the problem (for the OpenGApps installation - the bootloop is no problem to fix)?
Hi, I have an issue where GPlay refuses to install apps and says storage is full. However no 3rd party apps are installed and every system menu I can find shows 11 of 50GB used. This usage is reflected in du -h /data as well.
I've reinstalled many times and most recently reformatted /data in an attempt to fix corruption issues but I see no change in behavior
@wuffi Are you still having bootloop? I had a potentially similar issue that seemed like a bootloop but wasn't. Every time I would start it would optimize 1 app, try to do the setup, then optimize another one, it did this like 10 times but now system is stable.
It looks like there were other people with GApps issue
Is no one here?
That's interesting to know. I hadn't considered this possibility. I re-installed Lineage OS and went with the Aurora Store, because I only need the Play Store or an alternative for it.
Hello there, I wanted to download an OpenGapps release older than 2020, but it's seems they're missing from sourceforge. Is the a reason for this?
Hi I have a suggestion add Google Voice Rec to G-apps and when will Android 11 ARM64 well be supported
Hi people! I try to install lineage 18.1 in samsung galaxy s5, but i cant find the gapps for android 11. where can i find that?
Ajay Singh
Hi I'm getting fc on Google Play services, when installing the gappa from Aroma package, I'm on LOS 17.1, device is Tissot. Rooted with magisk.
But no fc is observed when installing any other gapps package. Checked with Aroma 21 and 23 rd Jan build. Got FC.
When checked with gapps mini, stock and nano build, no fc was observed, Jan 23rd build
Hi, I got a question, I have lineageos installed and OpenGApps... How do I verify that it is using OpenGApps or any kind of launcher / version...
i want to install opengapps on nintendo switch and i get error 64 wrong architecture
how to fix it
chang soo
hi there question how to install without a sdcard
chang soo
nevermind i assume installing anything above nano requires over 5gb of free space

hello, can anyone help me with a TEST build plz? i've found an issue on pretty much every version of Gapps i can find where Google Play Services denies SMS access, even after manually enabling it in Apps>Permissions

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (begonia)
Mediatek Helio G90T

60 minutes needed to download 100 mb gapps pico .very very very slow and not stable server, pls dont use sourceforge platform!thanks
Fábio Maia

Hey! I am working in a well funded and growing Berlin startup.

We are emulating Android apps at scale in the cloud (already running a production system with Anbox Cloud) with Appium-like bot control for a userbase in the thousands (and growing). We are expanding for which we need more expertise in a wide range of skills like Android, emulators like Anbox, Opengapps, custom ROMs, Xposed, etc. If you are seriously interested (or can connect us with someone who is) we can talk more in private. Well compensated 💰💰

Что делать запустил но при первоначальной настройке гугл после ввода вайфай (там где надпись "проверка") черный экран со статусбаром и все
Вот и гапсы которые я ставил open gapps- arm64-11.0-stock-20210130-TEST.zip
Hi all, have a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB ... and running the LineageOS 17.1 with Gapps ARM 10.0.... All is working well , but for the life of me I cannot get Netflix to Sideload the APK. The Android TV APK gets a incompatible version (-13) & I found that the Current Android Netflix APK installs , but as a System App and it does actually login. But its uncontrollable by the Android Remote and its Resolution is all messed up. Could someone please help , as this would complete my Android TV Raspberry since I cannot actually purchase a Tel$tra TV/Roku Box until they become available.
Aniruddha Shankar
Hi there. Trying to install LineageOS 17 (Android 10) and openGApps - It seems to go through with nano and pico, however when I start up the phone I can't find any google apps installed.
My device is a Pixel XL
Aniruddha Shankar
@Kream most phones you have to flash LOS then reboot to recovery, then flash opengapps
And finally you can boot
And gitter sucks ass, no convos happen here, there's a way more active telegram group for opengapps
Hello :) just updated to latest Gapps and Android 10 on my phone
Hello there
Does anyone know where I can find the November 21, 2020 release of the GApps Arm Pico?
It's not available on sourceforge...
Or the GitHub
It should be named open_gapps-arm-10.0-pico-20201121.zip
@bittin Could you help me find the zip?
Or @joecool:chat.darkfire.sh
If anyone responds please mention me or email biohazard1282@gmail.com
I need this specific version
Use the web archive at web.archive.org
It's probably there