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João Miguel Soares
i'm using lineageos
João Miguel Soares
Success!! Using TWRP recovery! and pico image
What do I loose with pico image? comparing to micro and nano?
m b
João Miguel Soares
m b
Np! Cheer up, you don't lose that much :) I prefer the pico package
João Miguel Soares
the rest o don't care (i think)...
m b
You could try the "Device Health Services" from
João Miguel Soares
play store?
m b
No you download the apk file from and install it, not sure if it works though.
João Miguel Soares
ok. tx!
i have a question
when i install pico package
Gapps that installed before this are deleted?
please help, when i touch 'add account' appear windows 'adding account...' and dissapear
m b
tldr: I would rather just reflash everything
The file size of arm32 Pico for Android 8.1 has reached 150M ...
Ritwik Saraf
hey i have tried every method possible of installing gapp on my phone. to no avail. i dont see any gapps on the phone. while twrp flashing it does show the installation process and it does show its succeeded but in the end when i boot into lineage i dont see the apps. i tried reinstalling everything. please help
m b
Try using lineage recovery, and flash LOS then gapps without rebooting
Kiril Vladimiroff
Flashing any OpenGapps package on lineageos 17.1 (mata) leads to boot loop due to "failed to bind mount /mnt/staging/emulated/media/0 to /storage/emulated: No such file or directory"
Kiril Vladimiroff
Actually, this doesn't happen with pico. It boots normally, but then, there's nothing from it installed.
Kiril Vladimiroff
Could anyone try to reproduce it? Tried with older builds as well.
Greg Burd
@vladimiroff I'm having that exact problem myself on mata, it's driving me nuts.
Are you using the Los recovery?
Nayla Afrida Balqish
Hello, why the "Calendar Sync.apk" is not installed on my phone?
I was select the option for install calendar sync adapters, in open gapps aroma, but it still not installed
hola alguien sabe cuanto le falta al paquete aroma para androis 10 gracias
Hey if I want to put everything in the Android firmware at first where should I put it?
Hello... Where can i download the gapps 10 aroma package ??
Steffen Sledz
What Open GApps variant is needed at minimum to make the new german Corona-Warn app ( run?
Anyone having issues on 06/19 Stock for Android 10?
OP6T Lineage (latest) only bootloops with opengapps, but a vanilla install works
Hello! OpenGApps app doesn't work as expected. I can't download the package.
Hi! had a doubt, is there any apps that can be further excluded using gapps-config from pico without breaking it?
Hi, i need Gapps arm64 pico for Android 11
But i can't find them from anywhere
Karna Kitab Kumar
Can't download
The error message says: The "/x86_64/20200718/" file could not be found or is not available. Please select another file.
Yossi Atias
Where is the ARM 10 SUPER package of July 21?
Yossi Atias
It doesn't exist even though I select the correct platform, Android version and package in Open Gapps main page.

I have board on AllWinner QuadCore-A4 with And7.1
Download open_gapps-arm-7.1-pico-20200722
Enter in Recovery mode
Select "Apply update from TFCard or USB"
and I get error
"E: Failed to find META-INF/com/android/metadata in update package
E: Error in /sideload/
(Status 255)

What I do wrong?

Richy HBM
Hello, I'm thinking of dirty installing openGapps over my existing install (currently I have nano installed, but want a larger version) in order to add some google apps and to substitute the ROM apps with the google variants, but I have noticed that there can be issues with some apps not having updates available in the play store?
Gobinda Joy
There is no arm android 10 (full, stock, super, aroma, tvstock) package available since July 14 (last build). Is this intentional or this packages are gone for good?
I'm also missing the android 10 packages. +1