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Robert Alexander Swift
FAILED: out/target/product/x86_64/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libsketchology_native_intermediates/LINKED/libsketchology_native.so 
/bin/bash -c "(rm -f out/target/product/x86_64/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libsketchology_native_intermediates/LINKED/libsketchology_native.so ) && (cp \"vendor/opengapps/sources/\" \"out/target/product/x86_64/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libsketchology_native_intermediates/LINKED/libsketchology_native.so\" )"
cp: -r not specified; omitting directory 'vendor/opengapps/sources/'
Robert Alexander Swift
Some more info as well: This comes from the GoogleMarkup module, build is for x86_64, AOSP is pie 9.0, gapps is latest. Can't seem to find anything relating to this online however
Hi. The google photos app is crashing after I've flashed my gapps package. I'm not sure what to do?
Hi. I'm wondering if there is a gapps zip for android 10 beta available to download?
Cristian Dragos
Hey guys... got a weird problem and I'm not sure if it's Google or GApps to blame. I just installed a clean version of LineageOS on my Galaxy Note 4 with the latest GApps and when I try to restore my settings from Google I'm asked to fill in my screen lock pattern on a 3x3 grid but my previous lock pattern was based on a 5x5 grid so obviously, I can't unlock the backup. Any idea of what to do here? Is it a GApps thingy or a Google bug?
The instructions for copying gapps to the phone specify "/sdcard/", am I supposed to see that in the folder structure of the phone after installing LineageOS and connecting it to my PC via Windows Explorer, and what is the exact folder path if I can't find it?
Rafael Damasceno
Hey there, I've got the same issue as @RyanD123_gitlab. open_gapps-arm64-9.0-mini-20190827 on a very clean internal storage LineageOS install, Photos crashes on every opening.
When will opengapps arm64 be on an android 10?
are there any beta builds of opengapps for android 10 arm v7
Hey y'all, I've installed LineageOS 16 on my Pixel XL and installed opengapps nano for v9.0, however it doesn't seem to have worked. And if I run the gapps manager it seems to detect my Android version as being 7.0 (Not correct). Any ideas?
Hi all, i neee Google phone and Google dialer framework latest version zip for twrp.
I m unable to download gapps for Android Q
any idea to make opengapps for q?
i tried to follow this guide but didn't work
James Broadhead
Where can I find open_gapps_log.txt?
James Broadhead
I'm stuck in a boot loop on a freshly wiped Oneplus One. The phone boots ok with just Lineage 16, but loops forever after I install OpenGApps. I've tried pico & nano. What should I try next?
James Broadhead
(I gave up and install MindTheGapps - worked first time. Still no idea what was going wrong)
Chiem Ma
Hi. When I try to install aroma on my Samsung Tab S2 9.7 (gts210vewifi), the display is landscape but the touch input is portrait. (That is, touch input is turned 90 degrees from the actual screen display.) Everything "works" because the touch input is scaled, but it's very hard to use because you have to guess where on the screen to touch in order to select a certain option. Is there any way to easily fix this behavior?
Hi, any stable gapps for 10? without wizard crashing after launch?
are beta 20191014 available somewhere? I can see only empty folder on sourceforge
Hello, I'm facing a problem, please help me.
Google has update
Google has been forced to update
Google has been forced to update to 19.5.28 GMS
GMS is too old, please update, thx
The latest official version is 19.5.30 com.google.android.gms
Please excuse my bad English
Christopher de Vidal
Help? I can't download with the OpenGApps APK. The download goes to 0B then stops with no errors. Doesn't matter what variant I use. As root or not. The directory it is downloading to does exist and there is plenty of space. I don't know where open_gapps_log.txt is to share. Phone is Galaxy S3, ARM, LineageOS 14.1, Android 7.1.
FYI I had attempted to install alongside LineageOS using TWRP. Used the Aroma package and I got the wizard, but it did not install in the OS. So I thought I might try the APK instead.
здраствуйте помогите
можете скинуть Gaaps для 10 Android пожалуйста
Help? I can't download with the OpenGApps APK. The download goes to 0B then stops with no errors. Doesn't matter what variant I use. As root or not. The directory it is downloading to does exist and there is plenty of space. I don't know where open_gapps_log.txt is to share. Phone is tab 4 sm-7535, ARM, LineageOS 14.1, Android 7.1.
@BetterAutomations_gitlab have you fixed? I have the same problem with my tab 4...
and If i try to instell gaaps in twrp after flashed rom lineageos 14.1 fails - Error 20. Please...could anyone help me? thanks!
Christopher de Vidal
@merlinorn_twitter Yes I fixed it by not using the app. Apparently it has been broken for a long time. I installed I think nano via TWRP and then it was good.
Hi all. I downloaded arm64 pico version for android 9 and I have a problem with few things. Package seems to have 32-bit executables like busybox etc, and my installation fails because of that. My architecture is 64bit. Also, I noticed that the way the gapps are packaged is for older update mechanism. Is there a plan to migrate package to support AB_OTA_UPDATE?
Dan // pixelFlow
hey, everyone - quick question: opengapps says i have insufficient space straight after a full clean of system, data, and internal storage (and caches)... all i've done is install my rom! surely I have enough space?
Who can help me with update-binary script? It is not extracting to /tmp/ folder on my device
Hi! Where can I download gapps for 10 version?
Hello. Is it perchance still possible to download pre-2019 opengapps packages? If so, where can I find them?
Hey just looking for some help here. I have the moto g7 which is arm64 but the opengapps super installer thinks I have the wrong architecture. I tried the 32 to see if that would work and the same error...
I'm getting file not found error when compiling OpenGAPPS with Android X86 Pie
[570/645] including vendor/opengapps/build/modules/ActionsServices/Android.mk ...
tools/test/connectivity/Android.mk: error: ActionsServices: No source files specified
build/make/core/prebuilt_internal.mk:35: error: done.
I read issue #229, #228 already and tried some of the suggested solutions but still getting the error
Hi there! Ive
I've not activated face unlock at initial setup of gapps. Is there any chance to activate it now? I've already tried to reflash the opengapps package but it doesn't get opened again.