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Repo info
    hello everybody
    trying to compile on kali linux and I'm getting this error while building "/root/TV/epk2extract/src/epk.c:73:13: error: storage size of ‘ctx1’ isn’t known
    EVP_MD_CTX ctx1, ctx2;
    /root/TV/epk2extract/src/epk.c:73:19: error: storage size of ‘ctx2’ isn’t known
    EVP_MD_CTX ctx1, ctx2;
    any ideas?
    all the dependencies are installed
    Moricz Gergo
    So epk2extract sais that it can decrypt files recorded by PVR
    But when I run ./epk2extract /media/skiilaa/GERIUSB/LG\ Smart\ TV/lg_dvr/0000000100000005STR all it does is convert the STR to a .ts file but it doesn't decrypt it.
    Sorry, didn't notice the messages
    @jdt3294 : you need to use older libssl, iirc 1.0 or 1.1
    @skiilaa_twitter : you need the unique PVR key to decrypt
    it's different for every TV, probably generated randomly at factory
    @smx-smx Hello, here https://openlgtv.github.io/ there is written that there is work in progress regarding the ARM TVs. I assume that includes 'my' 32lf580v-za with NetCast (4.5 latest upgrade, but I was avoiding that or internet access like plague, not sure what the current firmware is). First, I would very much appreciate any info on the progress whatsoever, hopefully it can be not only interesting, but also useful. Second, providing there is anything I can help with, I can try to help you. I would LOVE to help with making some native apps in C, but that is probably ways off, so whatever can get us there will have to suffice :)
    P.S I don't want to brick 'my' tv, though. see the ' ' things?
    hey @Mis012
    Hallo, I have a LG smart tv and on Windows PC I try to convert the recoder with epk2extract with the code: ./epk2extract ./LG Smart TV/lg_dvr/00000001REC/0000000100000001STR. When I compile that I have a 0kb .ts file. How I can fix that problem? Thank you
    Hello everybody,
    I have a non-smart LG TV with epk v2 (probably, because the firmware update comes with the word "Secured").
    All I need in order to decrypt the LG DVR files is the pre-loaded key inside my TV. Because the TV is not smart it's not connected to anything but the DVB stream. In order to get my hands on the key, I thought that the best way is to install new firmware, and to extract the key from there, problem is the epk is encrypted too. I think that this firmware key should be well known because it's pre-shared between all devices (must be), so where can I get it?
    James m
    can i use termux to run epk2extract
    hi guyss
    i have a 42LD650 and i want to install openlgtv. Is there a tutorial?
    Vladimir Marković
    Hello everyone. I've just bought used FLATRON M2350D MonitorTV because I wanted 3D monitor. However it turned out to be non 3D version. Is there any solution for that TV/Monitor?
    For everbody arriving today, from the HackerNews article: IRC and gitter is not being used by the team anymore, it moved to Discord: https://discord.gg/nKQW6FPWeM
    Anyone else just crashing continuously yesterday/today ?