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  • Aug 01 2016 19:25

    marijane on gh-pages

    Fix update post title (compare)

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    marijane on gh-pages

    Add 2016.08.01 update blog post Merge branch 'gh-pages' of gith… (compare)

  • Jul 05 2016 23:47

    marijane on gh-pages

    Spell out OpenRIF on About page… (compare)

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    marijane on gh-pages

    Spell out Open Research Informa… (compare)

  • Jun 23 2016 21:46

    marijane on gh-pages

    Add author field to front matter (compare)

  • Jun 23 2016 21:44

    marijane on gh-pages

    Remove dashes from names (compare)

  • Jun 01 2016 20:31

    marijane on gh-pages

    Fix broken Gitter links (compare)

  • Jun 01 2016 18:47

    marijane on gh-pages

    Remove brackets from bare URLs (compare)

  • Jun 01 2016 18:46

    marijane on gh-pages

    Add update blog post (compare)

  • May 28 2016 00:20

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    marijane on gh-pages

    Add Gitter badge Merge pull request #2 from gitt… (compare)

  • May 18 2016 21:51
    marijane closed #2
marijane white
anyone know anything about Jekyll? there are a couple of changes to the openrif website and blog that i’ve tried and failed to implement.
Alexandre Rademaker
I use Jekyll i my website at http://arademaker.github.io
marijane white
the first thing i tried doing was changing the favicon
i found a decent icon generator online and used it to create a set of icons from the logo
it’s been a month or so, but i think the generator also gave me the CSS i needed to insert
i put everything in place and pushed the changes, but it never seemed to show up on the site. not sure what i was doing wrong.
my second problem was trying to get the blog section of the site to sign posts with author’s names, instead of always “by openrif”. i found a bunch of references, created a people file, added an author field to the front matter, also never took. again, not sure what i was doing wrong.
any insight?
i have been wondering if it’s related to the theme Shahim applied to the site.
Violeta Ilik
@marijane I thought the blog was fixed right before force16. what were the pages we worked on together? [good morning, without coffee]
Alexandre Rademaker

@marijane You are using post.html template to format the posts:

In the template, you define the author variable making a look up in a table of users:


The table of users is here:


the problem is your people.yml. It should be:

  name: Marijane White
  twitter: marijane
  github: marijane
  email: whimar@ohsu.edu
  avatar: "https://avatars.githubusercontent.com/u/1771847?v=3&s=100"

  name: Violeta Ilik
  twitter: vioil

  name: Melissa Haendel
  twitter: ontowonka

  name: Matthew Brush

  name: Mike Conlon
  twitter: mconlon17

Note that it does not have the '-' before the names! I also protected the url with quotes to avoid problems!

See the difference. With your currente people.yml

>>> import yaml
>>> yaml.load(open("people.yml"))
[{'marijane': {'email': 'whimar@ohsu.edu', 'twitter': 'marijane', 'github': 'marijane', 'name': 'Marijane White', 'avatar': 'https://avatars.githubusercontent.com/u/1771847?v=3&s=100'}}, {'violeta': {'twitter': 'vioil', 'name': 'Violeta Ilik'}}, {'melissa': {'twitter': 'ontowonka', 'name': 'Melissa Haendel'}}, {'matt': {'name': 'Matthew Brush'}}, {'mike': {'twitter': 'mconlon17', 'name': 'Mike Conlon'}}]
>>> tb = yaml.load(open("people.yml"))
>>> tb['marijane']
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
TypeError: list indices must be integers, not str

With my changes:

>>> yaml.load(open("people.yml"))
{'violeta': {'twitter': 'vioil', 'name': 'Violeta Ilik'}, 'matt': {'name': 'Matthew Brush'}, 'mike': {'twitter': 'mconlon17', 'name': 'Mike Conlon'}, 'melissa': {'twitter': 'ontowonka', 'name': 'Melissa Haendel'}, 'marijane': {'email': 'whimar@ohsu.edu', 'twitter': 'marijane', 'github': 'marijane', 'name': 'Marijane White', 'avatar': 'https://avatars.githubusercontent.com/u/1771847?v=3&s=100'}}
>>> tb1 = yaml.load(open("people.yml"))
>>> tb1['marijane']
{'email': 'whimar@ohsu.edu', 'twitter': 'marijane', 'github': 'marijane', 'name': 'Marijane White', 'avatar': 'https://avatars.githubusercontent.com/u/1771847?v=3&s=100'}
>>> tb1['marijane']['name']
'Marijane White'
About the favicon, I never used it... I will try to understand the problem.
marijane white
@vioil the blog works fine, i am trying to customize it to work better! it looks like @arademaker has found my problem, thank you!