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Dec 2014
Justin MacCarthy
Dec 01 2014 07:42
Is there a way to disable the zooming for the 2 finger swipes on OsX trackpad?
Justin MacCarthy
Dec 01 2014 07:52
I want to set GestureSettings.scrollToZoom=false somehow I guess?
Tomasz Neugebauer
Dec 01 2014 17:23
@msalsbery Thank you. I was able to test my openseadragon-based application on a large 60''+ touchscreen because I work at a university library that is about to acquire one of these; I don't own one personally ;) I am interested in getting the fix for the IE issue, hopefully, you will find a solution that you are comfortable with; you could always release a fix that gets updated later. Having said that, I realize just how challenging this type of problem can become when supporting all the different devices while trying to keep the implementation design optimal. Like it or not, though, IE is still a heavily used browser, installed by default on many workstations.
Ian Gilman
Dec 01 2014 17:28
@macarthy probably the easiest is setting zoomPerScroll to 1 in the options when you create the viewer, but passing in custom gesture settings would work as well.
@UneFrite did you get your question answered?
Mark Salsbery
Dec 01 2014 18:04
@photomedia No worries - IE is very much supported, although I don’t see us doing much for versions 8 and below at this point. For eventing I’ll hack it to get it to work on 8 but it will be an afterthought :) But for 10+ it should work awesome since the pointer event model used there I’ve used as a guide to mold the older event models to.