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Dec 2014
Antoine Vandecreme
Dec 03 2014 15:20
@cchriste yes and no. You will need to convert them to 8bpp jpg or png because the browsers don't support anything else.
Mark Salsbery
Dec 03 2014 15:29
I render JPG tiles on the server on-demand when working with unsupported-by-browser image types
Antoine Vandecreme
Dec 03 2014 15:35
That is also an option if the conversion is simple enough. In my case, the conversion needs to compute the histogram over the whole dataset (hundred of big images).
Cameron Christensen
Dec 03 2014 20:33
Thanks. These responses were helpful. It turns out that Safai will render grayscale tiffs (e.g. 32-bit float per pixel). But bottom line seems to be the rendering is browser-dependent.