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Feb 2015
Antoine Vandecreme
Feb 11 2015 19:03
Have you guys noticed the image viewer in google drive? Example:
If you use your mouse wheel you can activate a zoomable interface very similar to OSD
Ian Gilman
Feb 11 2015 19:04
Pretty slick!
I love that this sort of interaction is becoming normal
Mark Salsbery
Feb 11 2015 19:05
Ours feels so much better
Ian Gilman
Feb 11 2015 19:06
Btw, a few alumni of the original Seadragon team moved on to Google, though they probably didn't work directly on that feature
One of them, James Darpinian, worked on the new WebGL version of Google Maps
@msalsbery ours is always better ;)
Theirs is pretty nice though
There's room for many implementations
Also, theirs doesn't have multi-image ;)