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Mar 2015
Mar 06 2015 10:10
My project will have around 80 GB in images. If I transform them into dzi, I'm guessing I'll have to consider more disk space. Is there any formula to calculate file increase? Thanks.
Mar 06 2015 10:18
One other question: How can I change the control navigation position from top left to bottom center? I guess there's no CSS for styles, am I right?
Mark Salsbery
Mar 06 2015 14:08
Control position can be set in the viewer options, but center option is on TODO list
Ian Gilman
Mar 06 2015 17:00
@mmcorreia In terms of pixels, a DZI is 1.333 times the original. How that relates to bytes depends on your image format and compression. At any rate, a good rough estimate is you'll add 27GB. Another factor to think about is you're going from a number of large images to a much larger number of tiny tiles. This can make transferring all those files to your server take longer. You just need to set up a good system and let it run
...and as @msalsbery said, you can do bottom left or bottom right with the options, but bottom center is not yet supported. That said, it shouldn't be too hard to override with CSS, I imagine