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Mar 2015
Tomasz Neugebauer
Mar 19 2015 16:10
It looks like there is a mistake on this page (move right is d, not f): where it says: [ f, right arrow ] - move viewport right
is should say "[ d, right arrow ] - move viewport right.
Ian Gilman
Mar 19 2015 16:32
@photomedia Good catch! I will fix.
Ian Gilman
Mar 19 2015 21:06
@msalsbery I'm helping someone with overlay click handling, and I'm realizing I don't necessarily know how to hook a mouse tracker up to an overlay. Is it just new OpenSeadragon.MouseTracker({ element: 'overlay-id', clickHandler: function() { ... }})?
Might be good to have a little sample code on
...along with an explanation about why the jQuery approach doesn't work