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Mar 2015
Tomasz Neugebauer
Mar 29 2015 00:42
I've just spent a number of hours on this, and can't figure out the problem. The Full-Screen button fails to work in my OpenSeadragon viewer when I run it from http://localhost The exact same code works ok when I place it online (ie., not localhost). I'm really stumped by this one. Is this a Windows 8.1 security setting? I tried it with Chrome and Firefox on Windows 8.1 Instead of full screen, the window style turns black around the viewer, but the viewer is not maximized to the full screen. In Firefox, the "localhost is now fullscreen" message is displayed even though the viewer hasn't been properly maximized; in Chrome, it doesn't even seem to get that far. This exact thing works fine when I place on a server. Any ideas? Why would it fail in localhost? Anyone else can reproduce this? Thanks!