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Apr 2015
Stephen Parsons
Apr 04 2015 00:12
@iangilman I've just been brainstorming different ways to get two images layered in the viewer. It seems clear now from your comments that this would be better done within openseadragon than by trying to manage two OSD viewers at once.
Ian Gilman
Apr 04 2015 00:20
Cool...always good to think through the possibilities!
But yes, I think within OSD is the way to go
Jeremy Shipman
Apr 04 2015 04:25
hey @iangilman I’ve got a demo of my work up now…hopefully it works:
perhaps you and @msalsbery can comment on the bug that you can see when dragging. I think it might be two-fold:
  • Position isn’t exactly under mouse position.
  • Jumps between two different postitions.
My guess is that the jumping about is something to do with some polarity switching (negative to non-negative).
In my debugging I found that the actual event.position data contains the values that are jumping about. I tried tracing the issuethrough MouseTracker, but I didn’t find the source. I might try running on master and see if that makes a difference.