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Apr 2015
Jeremy Shipman
Apr 07 2015 09:31
Thanks for your thoughts @iangilman.
Just in regards to debugging - what is the best appraoch? I made the silly mistake of trying to enter debug console.log statements into src/ files whilst I’ve been running on a minified version of openseadragon.
What is the best approach for developing/debugging/testing OSD? Happy for you to just point to a good resource.
I’m guessing I shoud really be running the source files, or at least something non-minified, perhaps using the soruce map with chrome dev tools.
Ian Gilman
Apr 07 2015 16:07
Well, when I'm debugging OSD I do it directly in the OSD project. I set up grunt build connect watch and it rebuilds as we go.
You have to use $.console.log() or the linter doesn't like it, btw.
You can also do grunt build connect watch --min which is faster (but doesn't do quite as many checks).
@jedateach ^
I usually hack on /test/demo/basic.html to exercise whatever piece needs fixing
Jeremy Shipman
Apr 07 2015 20:25
:+1: thanks