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Apr 2015
Ian Gilman
Apr 29 2015 00:00
I've played with one set that's 806666423 x 448818830 pixels, and OpenSeadragon is fine with it. That one may not count, exactly, because it's what's called a sparse pyramid… Some areas go all the way down to full resolution and others don't.
That one is a science visualization, so it's generated rather than being photographic.
Of course photo stitches keep getting bigger and bigger.
And satellite, as you suggest. I wonder what the full resolution of a complete satellite map of the world is.
BRB, off to eat cake.
Jeremy Shipman
Apr 29 2015 00:02
is there an open satellite tile set?
Ian Gilman
Apr 29 2015 00:30
anyway, in terms of sheer pixel size, I think were OpenSeadragon might run into trouble is when the image is so gigantic that when you zoom all the way in you start getting the edge of floating-point number precision in JavaScript.
I haven't heard of anyone getting to that point, though.
The symptoms would be zooming and panning would no longer be smooth but would instead pop from place to place.
Here's another satellite data set:
Ian Gilman
Apr 29 2015 18:26
@/all Another multi-image demo:
Antoine Vandecreme
Apr 29 2015 20:30
nice demo iangilman!
Ian Gilman
Apr 29 2015 20:30
I'm really excited about the possibilities multi-image brings!