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May 2015
May 27 2015 14:03
Hi everyone
I have an issue with the OSD. I updated to the new 2.0 version but no luck.
On the website I am using legacyimage pyramid as I said
We uploaded some big jpg-s for zoom view
it works fine everywhere (android devises (galaxy s 5) ) and desktop browsers.
It doesn't work however on iphone 6
OSD launches, no errors in the console
and it is blank
I can see the boundaries I run the debug mode.
I tried with older and smaller images and it was working there
So I concluded that this has something to do with the image size. Here is what my tests lead to.
235 016 bytes image -> yes
235 823 bytes image -> yes
235 857 bytes image -> no
235 993 bytes image -> no
Any ideas why it stops working on Iphone 6 at this point on?
May 27 2015 14:09
It is not working on ipad also
May 27 2015 14:53
It has nothing to do with size actually but with the number of the pixels :(
May 27 2015 15:10
newer iOS devices have an image area limit of 5,242,880
I am screwed
thanks everyone :)
Ian Gilman
May 27 2015 15:55
@pgpetrov Yes, unfortunately. Here is more discussion: openseadragon/openseadragon#381
Can you break your largest images into tiles?
Ian Gilman
May 27 2015 18:41
@/all Just wrote up a blog post about the new release: and submitted it to HackerNews: and Reddit: Please upvote if you're on those services! :)
Antoine Vandecreme
May 27 2015 19:55
upvoted on reddit :)
Ian Gilman
May 27 2015 20:07
Thanks :)