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Jul 2015
Grant Echols
Jul 06 2015 15:02
When displaying multiple images, is there a convenient way to determine that the user has reached the end (e.g. bottom) of the view - We would like to use this event or status to start loading more images - similar to the way loads more when you reach the end.
Grant Echols
Jul 06 2015 16:19
Ah - just found the 'pan' event - I'm betting I can use that.
Jul 06 2015 21:00
OSD load images automatically
no need to do this manually
Grant Echols
Jul 06 2015 21:31
I'm having a problem when I try to load several images - I'm only loading 100 images right now, so it shouldn't be an issue of stressing too many images. When I call viewport.goHome(true) it helps us get the images displayed so we can give the user some initial view of the images being loaded. However, if I call that before I've added all the images via openseadragon.addTiledImage then I start seeing errors in the tile loading process and get the error: "Tile [Object object] failed to load...".
I've narrowed down the problem to the onTileLoad that is printing the error. The error seems to be caused by a timeout in the ImageJob.start function. For some reason the load on the later images (those added after the call to 'goHome') is taking longer than 30 seconds - so I figure it must be some sort of race condition
If I delay calling 'goHome' until later then I can get more of the tiles loaded successfully - and they render pretty quickly. What is goHome doing? Is it starting up some polling mechanism or something that takes a lot of the CPU?