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Jul 2015
Ian Gilman
Jul 16 2015 16:03
@LarissaSmith Good to hear!
Grant Echols
Jul 16 2015 16:31
@iangilman I'm using the mechanism of swapping tiled images as demonstrated in the tilesource-swap.html demo but given that I'm looking at a collection of images it causes an unwanted animation by bumping the images to make room for the new one being added and then ends up leaving a hole where the old one gets removed. Is there a way to get the animation paused during this time or is there another way to solve this?
Ian Gilman
Jul 16 2015 16:40
@gechols Is this because you're laying everything out based on the order of the tiled images in the world?
To do something like that swapping, you'll need to handle your own layout, since those two tiled images need to be overlaid on top of each other.
In the m2 demo, I keep a separate array of "pages" that have location information and links to the appropriate tiled images.