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Aug 2015
Grant Echols
Aug 03 2015 17:14 UTC
It looks like the 'canvas-click' event gets fired when the user double clicks on the canvas so we get one or more 'canvas-click' events before we get the 'canvas-double-click' event. Is this the expected behavior? If so, do you have any suggestions to help deal with the duplication of events?
Ian Gilman
Aug 03 2015 17:16 UTC
@gechols that sounds right. We wouldn't want to wait before giving you the first click, because then there would be a noticeable delay for regular clicks.
If double clicks are important to you, then you'll have to set a timeout after the first click to find out whether it's the start of a double click. If you get the double click event, you can cancel the timeout. Otherwise the timeout can handle it as a single click.
Either that or a range so your single clicks do something that's compatible with the double click. e.g. a double click in your computer's file browser, where the first click selects the file and the second click opens it (but it's ok that it's been selected)
Mark Salsbery
Aug 03 2015 18:39 UTC
@gechols If you need an example of using a timer you can look in the updatePointersUp() function in mouse tracker.js (search for dblClickTimeThreshold)