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Aug 2015
Aug 14 2015 12:57
hey, @iangilman! I have been rewriting sources and noticed one thing. When we load a single tile(as they are loaded separately) we call the UpdateViewport() method, where we iterate through all tiles with different url, in a single tile URL, and look if they are cached. Maybe it could have been more convenient, toggling single UpdateTile method, on a downloaded tile, because, as I suppose, we have a great performance loss on that big loop. Correct me, if i'm wrong. Thanks!
Ian Gilman
Aug 14 2015 16:58
@DanGart we have to loop through everybody to redraw the screen during zoom and pan, which is the most performance intensive aspect. Optimizing the "a single tile loaded while the user was not zooming or panning" scenario hasn't been a priority.
If there's a way to optimize that scenario without adding complexity to the whole system, we might as well.
Ian Gilman
Aug 14 2015 17:05
@DanGart Btw, if you're interested in performance, here are some relevant issues: