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Oct 2015
Koen Verheyen
Oct 16 2015 15:24
I need to tweak an existing OpenSeadragon viewer instance but the library doesn't seem to support tweaking an existing instance too much (adding toolbar etc). I thought I'd destroy it and then create a new instance, but then OSD errors on THIS[ _this.hash ].forceRedraw = true;. Any suggestions?
FYI: I'm using no other options but id, prefixUrl and tileSource
The error I get is: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'forceRedraw' of undefined
Antoine Vandecreme
Oct 16 2015 19:55

@verheyenkoen are you doing along the lines of:

var viewer = new OpenSeadragon({
        id: "openseadragon-container",
viewer =  new OpenSeadragon({
        id: "openseadragon-container",

And you get the error when creating OSD the second time?