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Nov 2015
Bill Criswell
Nov 13 2015 01:05 UTC
@iangilman Wo hoo!
Ian Gilman
Nov 13 2015 01:05 UTC
Mark Salsbery
Nov 13 2015 08:00 UTC
Antoine Vandecreme
Nov 13 2015 14:32 UTC
glad you guys like the image tile source :)
Grant Echols
Nov 13 2015 17:32 UTC
@avandecreme - sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. You asked why we are using JPG thumbnails instead of the pyramid directly. I'm assuming you are talking about a deepzoom image, and what we found was that the overhead of loading all of the various tiles, etc. was making things way too slow to render. Our users don't often view every image so loading the thumbnails is way more efficient.
Antoine Vandecreme
Nov 13 2015 18:16 UTC
Thanks for the answer. Makes sense.