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Nov 2015
Matthias Guth
Nov 23 2015 13:57
@iangilman Okay, here we go: ChiSamurai/openseadragon@da1014f . After figuring out the point, around which the viewport is rotated, the solution is a quite simple one using existing $.Point.rotate(). So I added a "getRotationPoint()" function to viewport.js, which is called when using viewerElementToViewportCoordinates(). I think (but am not quite sure) if this works out for multiimage purpose but if not: adapting getRotationPoint() would probably solve this.
Ian Gilman
Nov 23 2015 17:16
@ChiSamurai Awesome. Have you had any thoughts about which functions should take the rotation into account? I figure there needs to be a clear reason why one does and another doesn't.
Or maybe they all should? Or maybe it should be a flag?