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Nov 2015
Nov 29 2015 12:21
Hi all!
Does OSD support .tif/.tiff extensions? When I create a custom tileSource with getTileUrl everything works fine for e.g. png or jpg extensions, but files fail to load with tif extensions. Likely I missed it, but didn't see any mention of it in the documentation.
Antoine Vandecreme
Nov 29 2015 16:14
@MereHappyJaZZ No, OSD does not support tif because the browsers don't support tif. You need to convert them on the server side (either pre-converted or on the fly).
Nov 29 2015 18:08
Ah I see, thanks!
Nov 29 2015 18:50
@MereHappyJaZZ you can use this tool for tiff converting: