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Dec 2015
Matthias Guth
Dec 01 2015 09:10
@iangilman and @avandecreme: thanks for your hints on that rotation thing. I moved the rotating functionality to pointFromPixel (window/browser to viewport coords) which works like a charm. But I have some trouble adding it to pixelFromPoint since this affects rotation of the tiles which breaks the display. As well there are JS "too much recursion" errors on calling getCenter() if I try to add rotation. Unfortunately I don't have time to dive deeper into the code (boss says :( )...
Matthias Guth
Dec 01 2015 09:57
Maybe somebody already has a grip on this code lines?
I committed the changes to pointFromPixel to my fork:
and kept the new function "getRotationPoint". This atm only calls getCenter() as viewport rotates around this point but if this will change in the future this function could be easily updated.
Christian Kütbach
Dec 01 2015 13:49
Are you interestet in Bugreports, for an embedded IE control, where the IE loses some features? in fact some xml functions are not available. getElementsByTagNameNS() is not available. I made some local changes, to workarround the IE Bug.
Dec 01 2015 14:13
Yeah, commits are welcome =)
Antoine Vandecreme
Dec 01 2015 14:51
@ChiSamurai thanks for the work already done. I actually started extending rectangle to support rotation more easily. See openseadragon/openseadragon#782
If you can't dig further, I will probably take over.
Matthias Guth
Dec 01 2015 15:55
@avandecreme you're welcome :) I just encountered a situation where I started to wonder if applying rotation to pixelsFromPoint and vice versa is the right place for it. If you use OpenSeadragon.Point coordinates for width and height an want to transform it in another coordinate system, the rotation should not get applied. What do you think? Maybe windowToViewportCoordinates()?
Antoine Vandecreme
Dec 01 2015 16:08
I am not sure to understand when the rotation shouldn't be applied but maybe it would be better as a parameter then.
Ian Gilman
Dec 01 2015 17:28
@ChiSamurai @avandecreme Since Viewport.setRotation rotates the entire viewport relative to the webpage, it seems that that's the right borderline...i.e. whenever converting between web and viewport coordinates, we should take the rotation into account. Image coordinates are "inside" viewport coordinates, so there need be no rotation between them (viewportToImagePoint, for instance), but there should be rotation between web and image (since that goes through the viewport).
But yes, pragmatically, we also need to account for those times where we don't want it rotated (such as the infinite regress in getCenter). Maybe a flag for that?