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Dec 2015
Matthias Guth
Dec 02 2015 08:55
@iangilman @avandecreme first of all: thanks for your efforts in this issue. It's quite a tricky one. Maybe we should go for an unit-tests on this thing where one or more Point objects get transformed into all the coordinate systems (more than one time), one starting with web-coordinates (Web <-> Viewport <-> Image), another one on viewport coords (Viewport <-> Image). the latter one should deliver always the same coordinates since not affected by the "web-view" system. The first should apply rotation only on the step Web <-> Viewport (in both ways). Maybe this example could be a start for this:
Matthias Guth
Dec 02 2015 09:10
One thing to keep in mind is the vector representation of width and height for rectangles. (Now I'll try to revive my poor math knowledge :) ) Since it's a vector, rotation will affect this one as well, leading to wrong width/height. If using two points for spanning a rectangle, and rotating both points will preserve width/height information (which then has to be calculated).
Ian Gilman
Dec 02 2015 17:29
@ChiSamurai Good thoughts! The way @avandecreme has gone with openseadragon/openseadragon#782 is to include a degrees for the rotation of the rectangle (around its xy point)