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Dec 2015
Dec 04 2015 22:06
is anyone on today?
I guess I'll just leave my question and check back later for a response
So this is my question, I work in a manufacturing company, and we have lots of computers and in the mill, and we would like a visual way of seeing their status
iangilman @iangilman nods
Dec 04 2015 22:10
With Open Sea Dragon, could I take a really large picture of the mill, and then using the buttons/overlays that are available with openseadragon, to display the status's of a computer
For instance, a green dot at a certain coordinate would mean the computer is running without any probs, and yellow dot would mean warning, and a red dot would mean its in an error state
that way with one glance, I could see if everything was up and running smoothly
am I making sense?
I gotta go now, but I'll check back soon for a response
Ian Gilman
Dec 04 2015 22:13
@philtahu Certainly; you could use regular OpenSeadragon overlays or SVG overlays with the svg-overlay plugin.
Of course it would only make sense to do it in OpenSeadragon if the image was large enough that you would want to zoom/pan on it to see the appropriate detail.
And it would be up to you to keep track of where each overlay should go (i.e. the coordinates of each computer in the picture) and what color they should be