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Jan 2016
Matt D
Jan 04 2016 15:45
Hello there again, I have a question about the svg overlay plugin. I'm currently using it draw ellipses on an image, those sections will be in a gallery of sorts (thumbnail view) similar to what is done here Main difference being, they aren't using SVG. Using the SVG overlay plugin, is it possible to get the x, y coords directly of each ellipse or will that have to be manually converted between the viewport / image coordinates / sizes / zooom levels
Matt D
Jan 04 2016 16:03
Further information - I'm currently using D3 to do the drawing
Matt D
Jan 04 2016 16:25
What I ultimately need to get at is the tile which the ellipse will be draw on (at max zoom). I have thousands of ellipses being drawn automatically per image
Ian Gilman
Jan 04 2016 17:14
@Dephora With the OSD SVG plugin you're attaching your shapes to a group node that transforms to match the zoom and pan, so the coordinates of the shapes should always match the viewport coordinates of the OSD viewer, regardless of how the user navigates you just need to translate from viewport coordinates to web coordinates and then find the appropriate tile, similar to openseadragon/openseadragon#694