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Feb 2016
David Rogers
Feb 15 2016 06:19 UTC
Overlays, SVG overlays, and now jsFabric overlay. Anyone have a brief overview or comparison of these three method of drawing things with OSD. Are they different means to the same ends or just different?
Mark Salsbery
Feb 15 2016 08:54 UTC
I dont know specifics of any but acommon issue is they seem to thing theyre the top element ignoring bubbling events which makes things difficult for OSD. Any overly system should conrtol evend bubbling, but none seem to. Aggravating. Forced me to do my own.
Feb 15 2016 10:26 UTC
@avandecreme yes, i implemented a tile source
(inline so far, configured by an angularjs service)
i may write a custom tile source class
so its more portable
Alexey Tikhonov
Feb 15 2016 11:59 UTC
dwrogers - standart overlays: html elements, svg overlays: well, svgs, fabricjs overlay: fabric is a canvas drawing library, has interactivity out of the box. Choice depends on what do you want to draw over OSD
@msalsbery I would love to improve event system in fabricoverlay and open to suggestions
Feb 15 2016 18:04 UTC
hi all
i'm looking at the svg overlay plugin to draw some icons on the zoomable image.
the effect i'd like to achieve is to have a "responsive" icon that keep the same size wthioud regards of the zoom level
is it something feasible?
Antoine Vandecreme
Feb 15 2016 20:42 UTC
@sickrandir I think you should just use an overlay with a "point" location. See 2nd example here: