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Feb 2016
Feb 18 2016 08:12
@avandecreme In a minimal example I don't have any errors so far. Ill port the minimal example to the production system to have some more examples
it looks like I wrote a zoomify tile source plugin \o/
zoomify images can be created with vips (binary of the great libvips library)
Antoine Vandecreme
Feb 18 2016 17:00
@foobarable Excellent! Hopefully, this can be added to OSD.
Ian Gilman
Feb 18 2016 17:20
@foobarable Awesome! Yes, that would be great to add to OSD.
Ian Gilman
Feb 18 2016 19:24
...or it can start as a plugin.
@foobarable Would you be up for doing a patch or a plugin with your zoomify tile source?
Alexey Tikhonov
Feb 18 2016 21:06
@iangilman thanks for the notes!
Ian Gilman
Feb 18 2016 21:35