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Feb 2016
Nick Arora
Feb 29 2016 01:03

Sorry if this question is extremely basic. I've set up a node-server which is serving DZI tiles which are rendered on the front-end using openseandragon. Performance is great on desktop. However, when I load the same tileset on mobile -- its very slow and clunky. As a test, I replaced my tile-set with the example tilesets provided on -- and performance on mobile was much better.

What could be the reason for this? I created the tile-set using magickslicer (default settings) -- is this one of the more inefficient tools?

Or is this simply the result of my server being slow to deliver images? If I hosted the same tile-set on github-pages would I see a performance boost?

Ian Gilman
Feb 29 2016 17:23
@nickarora Sounds like maybe it's your server. Do you know what the tile size is?
magickslicer should be fine
Do you have mobile dev tools where you could take a look at the network tab to see where the slowdown is?
Btw, on mobile you've set the webpage viewport so the browser isn't scaling down your webpage, right?
Feb 29 2016 17:42
@nickarora magickslicer uses imagemagic for image conversion - and you can pass any additional options for image optimization/compression, what format you used? png? jpg? try to monitor network connection traffic
also, if on PC performance is good and on mobile is not - it is not server fault
I think the mobile is weak
post link to your server - I can test on my mobile
David Rogers
Feb 29 2016 18:48
Are there examples out there of allowing the user to dynamically resize a viewer? ... to dynamically resize a thumbnail?
Ian Gilman
Feb 29 2016 18:59
@dwrogers If you resize the div that contains the viewer, the viewer automatically resizes itself
David Rogers
Feb 29 2016 21:37
@iangilman Ah, so that is not a big issue. Thanks!