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Mar 2016
Mar 01 2016 14:38
Hello all. Basic question: How can I simulate clicking the 'Home' button via Javascript? osd.viewport.goHome() doesn't seem to exactly do it.
Nick Arora
Mar 01 2016 15:05
@iangilman @VoidVolker Tilesize is 256, ovelap is 0, and format is png. I'm using magickslicer's defaults really. I have not yet set the viewport meta tag -- that sounds like a good optimization. Strangely, I did find that performance was improved when viewing the site in landscape_ mode on a mobile phone as opposed to _portrait. Which would make sense if the issue is the default viewport zoom was the issue. If you guys don't mind taking a look:
also, thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions! I very much appreciate your help
Mark Ehle
Mar 01 2016 16:49

Re: Legacy Tile sources - I am using dspace for storing the images. Dspace does not store the files as their name, just an internally-assigned name that does not have an extension. I have a little PHP script that presents the files with the proper jpg header.

When I use type: "image" the script works just fine, but when I use legacy-image-pyramid, the error I get is 'No supported image formats found'. Is that because the images have no extension? Is there a workaround?

Ian Gilman
Mar 01 2016 17:29
@BCWGuy Interesting...all the home button does is call viewport.goHome() so it should be exactly the same...what are you seeing different?
Ian Gilman
Mar 01 2016 17:38
@nickarora Cool page! Great idea. And yeah, I think the viewport zoom is a big part of it. If you still want to experiment after that, you might try tilesize 510, overlap 1, format jpg. This will give you fewer, bigger tiles, but they'll still be small enough to easily transfer. On mobile especially, the latency is a bigger problem than bandwidth, so doing fewer requests of larger things can help.
...though that's just to help how quickly the data arrives, not the speed of the panning UI...but the viewport zoom thing should help with that
@librarymark Yes, for each image in the LegacyTileSource definition, in addition to including an url also include a mimetype (in your case 'image/jpeg')
Mark Ehle
Mar 01 2016 18:42
That is so cool! You can see in firebug when it first loads, the dimensions of the thumbnails then as you zoom in the dims change to the full-sized images. Totally slick! Thanks!
Ian Gilman
Mar 01 2016 23:28