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Mar 2016
Mar 08 2016 10:51
@iangilman Thanks again. I followed your suggestions and built master. You can find the version I built here:
Then I added this version to the last example and included tabIndex: '' in the init options. Unfortunately nothing changed, as you can see here:
Antoine Vandecreme
Mar 08 2016 14:51
@dwrogers yes, there are already multiple bug reports about it. Feel free to look at it!
See #852 #729 and #791
David Rogers
Mar 08 2016 16:05
@avandecreme Thanks! I'll do that.
Ian Gilman
Mar 08 2016 18:08
@sickrandir Interesting...looks like #805 isn't working anymore...I've just put in a fix: openseadragon/openseadragon#873 Please build that and give it a try!
Mar 08 2016 20:04
hi, I am trying to understand how I can add a custom tileSources to the Viewer. I want to create a zoomable map,, in which after a certain zoomlevel the render changes from images to interactive UI elements (e.g. buttons). Does anybody know of a good example how create such a custom tileSource function?
Ian Gilman
Mar 08 2016 20:58
@MartinPyka Cool...I've added a response to the issue you created: openseadragon/openseadragon#875
David Rogers
Mar 08 2016 21:18
Is there anyplace I can access a tile source for testing purposes using plunker or jsbin or... The example files in openseadragon/test/data would be great. Even one of them, e.g., testpattern, would be great.
Ian Gilman
Mar 08 2016 21:27
@dwrogers All of the examples used on the site can be used for testing...e.g.
David Rogers
Mar 08 2016 21:28
@iangilman Thanks