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Mar 2016
Mar 17 2016 05:11
guys i need help for this script
actually i need to implement openseadragon on my website , and i am having a kind of picture gallary now what i want is, when user click on thumbs the main image need to be automatically focus and it is working fine ,here what i need let say . i have a human body as image and end user will click on thumb of knee now i want the system to focus the zoom automatically on knee for main image .How can i do this with this script? Is there any other script matching with this criteria
Ian Gilman
Mar 17 2016 16:37
@ignivamukesh Sounds like you have a page that has a main image and then a bunch of thumbnails, and when you click on a thumbnail you want it to zoom to a particular part of the main image? I'm guessing the main image is an OpenSeadragon viewer and the thumbnails are just regular web images. What you want to do is watch for click events on the thumbnails and then do viewer.viewport.fitBounds(...) with the coordinates for the appropriate location in the main image. Those coordinates will be in viewport coordinates... a handy way to find them is to manually zoom to the appropriate location and then do viewer.viewport.getBounds().