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Apr 2016
Alexey Tikhonov
Apr 14 2016 20:15
hi. is setRotation always immediate, no slow rotation?
Illya Moskvin
Apr 14 2016 21:36
@altert Hah, I'm dealing with this question too, right now. I think we've all been a bit spoiled by smooth CSS3 animations. I'm thinking it would be kind of neat to make a little widget in the middle of the image with a touch-sensitive circle slider, and update the image angle as the slider changes. (I loved the raking light circle slider in the demo you shared!)
but smooth rotation I would use for this:
use can browse through album, and as some of images in album are rotated, the view rotates too, but it’s somewhat abrupt
Ian Gilman
Apr 14 2016 23:34
@altert That's delightful!
and yes, it's always immediate. I suppose adding springs to it (like with zoom and pan) would be cool though... just didn't happen when it was first added
Of course you could always use something like to make it smooth