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Apr 2016
Illya Moskvin
Apr 28 2016 03:32
@iangilman Please do add it! I'd be delighted. My one worry is that the source images + osd icons are hosted on a non-ssl enabled server, so it won't work if the pen is accessed via https
Ian Gilman
Apr 28 2016 17:50
@IllyaMoskvin cool… That's a good point, but my pens are the same, so at least we're on the same boat ;-)
Antoine Vandecreme
Apr 28 2016 19:22
@iangilman I can't check right now (codepen seems down) but if you are using the examples-images you should be able to use // instead of http:// to have it work with or without ssl.
Antoine Vandecreme
Apr 28 2016 20:09
I just checked, and it works
Ian Gilman
Apr 28 2016 20:33
@avandecreme Nice! I'll fix them. @IllyaMoskvin You're welcome to use the OSD example images for yours
Stephen Parsons
Apr 28 2016 22:51

Hey all - I am looking for some quick input on whether or not we are taking the right approach with an OSD project, very grateful for any response.

We have a viewer ( that uses two OSD instances as layers and is clipping one canvas to show the other one beneath. Could this be done with multi-image and one canvas, or some other way? Currently we are having occasional buggy behavior on certain displays that might be from our tracking and managing two separate viewers.

Victor Sued
Apr 28 2016 22:54
Hello, deepzoom work images .tiff with 2GB sizes?
Ian Gilman
Apr 28 2016 23:18
@stephenrparsons Yes, using multi image would probably be a much better approach!
@visued You need to convert your .tiff using one of the tools listed in but otherwise it should work fine in OpenSeadragon
@stephenrparsons Hmm... maybe not (now that I've actually looked at your example)... at the moment we only support rectangular clipping, not arbitrary shapes, so the circular "flashlight" effect wouldn't work
It's a neat idea though!
Alexey Tikhonov
Apr 28 2016 23:22
@stephenrparsons cool stuff you have here!
Ian Gilman
Apr 28 2016 23:24
I suppose it would be possible to add arbitrary clipping if we added some sort of "time to clip now" event in TiledImage just before it draws its tiles (or copies from the sketch canvas). Then it would be up to the dev to define a path using the normal canvas tools.
@stephenrparsons If you were interested in adding that functionality, I can point you in the right direction
I guess the first step would be to try multi image with the rectangular clipping we currently have just to see if the performance is improved enough to make the extra work worth it
@stephenrparsons By the way, is your project ready to be shared publicly? If so, we can add it to