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May 2016
Erik Sjölund
May 12 2016 13:13
@avandecreme Ok, I see. I deleted the old PR and instead created this new one openseadragon/site-build#134
Antoine Vandecreme
May 12 2016 13:21
@eriksjolund :+1:
Ian Gilman
May 12 2016 18:53
@stephenrparsons Wonderful! I've created openseadragon/site-build#135 for that purpose... you can make a PR if you want (if no one else gets to it sooner)
Also congratulations :)
@jrgriffiniii @avandecreme Interesting... maybe it makes sense not to add those styles either if the dev specifies an element? or maybe we should check for defaults and only override then? For instance a button with display:inline maybe wouldn't work but display:block would be fine?
@jrgriffiniii Feel free to file an issue and/or make a PR to that effect!
Ian Gilman
May 12 2016 18:58
@Dephora Have you taken a look at ? might be a possible replacement or at least the start of one. I don't know of anything as advanced as Annotorious... sorry it's not being updated!
Matt D
May 12 2016 19:20
@iangilman Yeah - I'll see if that will help troubleshoot the Annotorious issues or start a new one... Thanks!
Ian Gilman
May 12 2016 21:42
Sounds good :)
@eriksjolund Thank you! Merged and published :)