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Jun 2016
Jun 17 2016 09:09
it worked! thanks Ian! Another question? Is there a method to bind controls that are rendered on the viewer like the standard controls?
Ian Gilman
Jun 17 2016 16:28
@sickrandir Like adding a new button to the viewer's button bar?
Try making an OpenSeadragon.Button and adding it to the viewer.buttons, which is an OpenSeadragon.ButtonGroup.
Ian Gilman
Jun 17 2016 16:34
Hmm, looks like ButtonGroup doesn't have a facility for adding things after the fact. Try viewer.addControl instead.
Man, this part of the code could use some better documentation! Anyway, here's the code:
So it looks like you don't create a Button object, you just pass an element and options into addControl.