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Jun 2016
Jun 23 2016 12:56 UTC
@iangilman I still don't get two things about controls. Is there any facility to modify the aspect and position of the default controls? When I add a custom control, can I add some padding or margin when I set the position with for example OpenSeadragon.ControlAnchor.TOP_RIGHT?
Ian Gilman
Jun 23 2016 17:00 UTC
@sickrandir unfortunately I'm not terribly familiar with the controls. I know you can change the images used by the default controls. I think if you want to put them somewhere else, you should create custom controls that do the same thing. As for adding padding and margin, have you tried doing so with CSS?
Jun 23 2016 19:22 UTC
@sickrandir I would second a plug for custom controls. Then you can absolutely position them where you need them using CSS.
What are you trying to achieve? I might be able to point you to some examples.