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Jul 2016
Jul 27 2016 06:44

Hey everybody,

I'm really new to openseadragon and try to eloberate if openseadragon is the right tool to use for my usecase.

I have build a "flipping-page" project with turnjs v3.0 ( My "book" uses canvas elements for each page.
I know would like to implement openseadragon so that the "book"-container is zoomable and each page of the book is loaded as a deepzoom image.
My Markup for my flipbook needs to look like this:

<div id="flipbook"> 
  ...(for each page one canvas element) 

Is it possible to add one openseadragon container and multiple canvas elements inside of it? So that my whole "book"-container is zoomed and the "flipp"-function is still useable?

Ian Gilman
Jul 27 2016 16:32
@Flexflexible_twitter Cool! Seems like a neat idea. How are you imagining people would zoom? Just zooming on the page once you've turned to it?
I don't know how you would integrate it... one thing to try would be to make each page its own OpenSeadragon viewer; it'd be interesting to see if that worked. It might not perform well if there are lots of pages, but probably worth a try.
Another option might be to swap an OSD viewer in when the page settles, though that might conflict with the page curl affordance
Ian Gilman
Jul 27 2016 16:46
Another option might be for the OSD to be like a "light box" that you access by clicking on a page; it would fill the window and allow you to zoom on top of the book
Btw, how big are your images? If they are small enough, maybe OSD doesn't make sense