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Jul 2016
Jul 28 2016 07:11

Creating a OSD container for each page was my first approach but the problems are the build in zooming/dragging/navigation:

See this image for comparism (behold of my paint skills):

With OSD implemented

Turnjs only - without Openseadragon

Each openseadragon page can zoom and drag by itself, but is contained by the page-container around it. So when I'm hovering a page, and zoom in only this page is zoomed (and cut off, because my #flipbook-container won't zoom).
Is there any way to disable the default zooming/dragging and the button navigation for
the viewer?

Ian Gilman
Jul 28 2016 16:54
@Flexflexible_twitter Yes, all that stuff can be disabled with options:
I'd start with showNavigationControl: false and mouseNavEnabled: false
How are you planning on using the zooming?