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Aug 2016
Aug 04 2016 13:32
Hey it's me again,
I created a few DeepZoom Images for my application and did add them each to a single OSD Viewer. The zooming and loading of the tiles works great but I have one problem:
My pages have a width of 500px but the OSD Canvas will always have a transparent margin around the canvas image or the canvas is not completely filled with the image.
Anyway to solve this?
canvas element not filled
Ian Gilman
Aug 04 2016 16:40
@Flexflexible_twitter Is your OSD viewer the same aspect ratio as your image? OSD doesn't have any facility to enforce this; you have to explicitly size the viewer's containing div to the appropriate aspect ratio
(BTW, I'm not seeing the image you pasted here... try again?)
Hmm, refreshed the page and now I'm seeing the image, but I'm not sure what it means... it doesn't seem to be illustrating what you're talking about