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Aug 2016
Aug 08 2016 06:51
@iangilman I uploaded my work here:
Its just a subfolder of our companys website, will leave it there for a few days. Would be really gratefull if you could give me a hint what goes wrong there.
Chris Engberg
Aug 08 2016 07:52
I do not think it has anything to do with the OSD object margins, just the zoom level since defaultZoomLevel: 1 option solves the issue (until you change flipping directions). Maybe add to your script:
defaultZoomLevel: 1,
minZoomLevel: 1,
maxZoomLevel: 1
Aug 08 2016 07:55
@chris-engberg Well it seems that the minZoomLevel + maxZoomLevel fixed this, will test this again a bit. Huge thanks Chris!
Chris Engberg
Aug 08 2016 07:56
Good luck!
Ian Gilman
Aug 08 2016 16:42
@Flexflexible_twitter Taking a look now... seems like you've got it sorted out?
I'm having trouble with the zooming though... it seems very sensitive. Is that flip book doing the zooming or OSD?
Also, when I zoom in on a page, it doesn't seem to get any sharper... is that what you're getting as well? I imagine that's because OSD doesn't realize that flip book has zoomed it in or something