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Aug 2016
Aug 15 2016 12:55 UTC

@iangilman For now I'm already glad that Turnjs in combination with OSD works so great. Will in the near future try to set a max-width for resizing and when this is reached, the canvas/osd container should handle further zooming.

What I run into is the following:
Right now I load the Deepzoom Images through the viewer so:

  var openseadragon_viewports = document.querySelectorAll('#flipbook div');
  $(openseadragon_viewports).each(function(index){ = index;
    var source = $(this).data("picture");
    var source_xml_file = source + "/dzc_output.xml";
    var viewer = OpenSeadragon({
      id: index,
      mouseNavEnabled: false,
      showNavigationControl: false,
      defaultZoomLevel: 1,
      minZoomLevel: 1,
      maxZoomLevel: 1,
      imageLoaderLimit: 4,
      tileSources: source_xml_file

Now I have dzi files with different names for each .xml file. Is there any way to load the viewer without specifying the absolute path to the .xml file?

Ian Gilman
Aug 15 2016 17:23 UTC
@Flexflexible_twitter you don't need to specify a tileSources at all when you create the viewer if you don't want to... you can pass the same info to later. Is that what you're asking for?
Of course when you do eventually open you do need to give an accurate path to whatever you want to open...