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Aug 2016
Mark Salsbery
Aug 30 2016 19:08
@iangilman …and sometimes I’m so busy I totally ignore them ;)
Rob Hicks
Aug 30 2016 19:32
I have a question about the best way to accomplish something. I have a single full viewer. I create it without feeding it any tileSources and it’s not in collection mode. I then allow a user to find an image and see a thumbnail - all outside of OSD. The user can then decide to view the image in OSD. I use passing in a dzi url for a single image. If the user chooses to view another image, i can viewer. open. Is this a resonable approach? Because frequently an image is never displayed - the dom exists and the open event gets fired.
Oh and the viewport size is not 1 and OSD makes AJAX calls to get the image tiles.
Antoine Vandecreme
Aug 30 2016 19:45
@robhicks That sounds reasonable to me. Do you have any URL showing the issue to share?
Ian Gilman
Aug 30 2016 19:56
Agreed... sounds like a reasonable approach. Are you having problems with it?
Rob Hicks
Aug 30 2016 21:55
no. i don’t but i figured out what was happening. i’m using an angular service. since it is singleton, the directive invoking the viewer was getting the wrong instance of OSD. thanks for your help!